About Our Mission & How We Test

The Hardware Parts editors proudly consider themselves members of the enthusiast community. The team includes experts in CPUs, graphics processing, motherboards, cases, display technology, system memory, consumer and enterprise storage, power supplies, peripherals, smartphones, tablets, games, gaming consoles and more.

Our Mission
Hardware Parts is the exhaustive, trusted resource for early adopters and experts who are passionate about technology. We create comprehensive product reviews, expert technical analysis and how-to guides, and the latest news, peppered with unique insight.

Hardware Parts plays host to the world’s largest community of experts and enthusiasts, who provide their own technology insights and answer questions through the Hardware Parts forums.

How We Test

Hardware Parts is renowned for its benchmark testing. We subject every product we review to a rigorous set of quantifiable tests based on a combination of homegrown, Hardware Parts-only benchmarks, and industry standard benchmarks where applicable. We analyze those results, put them in context, and compare them across products within a category. We take special care to isolate potential variables, and to make our testing repeatable. We also design tests that reflect real world conditions.